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Anyone can - and everyone should learn to sell

Whether your team are new to sales or are customer-facing 'non-sales' professionals, chances are they should be serving your customers more fully.

You no doubt want your customers to receive the maximum value that your business can provide. And if so, there's good news. Because your people can learn to achieve this much more effectively, confidently and comfortably than they're doing.

As solutions become more technical and complex, technical consultants, subject matter experts and sales engineers are contributing more to customer buying conversations. But often they have the technical knowledge but lack understanding of how their buyers want to be engaged and make their buying decisions. And many people new to selling are just plain terrified of it.

But they still get left to sink or swim. And those swimming often only just manage to keep their heads above water succeeding with the easier wins.

Well, that must change. To fail to address this limits your value to your customers, and limits the growth of your own business...

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Comments from our clients 

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"Mark delivered an outstanding two days of sales training to my technical team.

Most of the team have moved ahead with aspects of their learning and it's made a tremendous difference to the way they approach the sales environment, and more importantly how a number of them have taken ownership of their own development.

I'd be very happy to personally recommend Mark for delivering great value sales training and development"

Pete Short - Technical Sales Manager, Apple, Australia

"We have been working with Mark to implement a sales development plan and the results speak for themselves. Just months in and we have increased our gross company profit by 18% - largely through Mark’s specific work on selling based on creating value.

Mark also worked 1-2-1 with underperforming sales staff and we saw a turnaround in performance after just a couple of sessions. One particular salesperson had their own sales profit increase by an incredible 35% in the month following their sessions!

I have previously worked for companies that saw sales coaching as a luxury and they ‘couldn’t afford it based on their planned budget’. I would say, can you afford not to?"

Sam Matharu - Head of Business Development, Building Materials Nationwide Ltd, UK

"Mark has made a significant contribution to our business over a short period of time.

His ability to quickly understand our business and tailor his approach to suit our requirements has facilitated timely and quality products.

Mark has brought great insight, experience and skills in the fields of sales skills, facilitation skills and sales coaching.

I am pleased to recommend Mark as an easy and professional person to work with"

Brock Pinner - National Retail Sales Lead at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Australia

“Mark is an excellent facilitator who took the time to understand my business needs and deliver effective training solutions that contributed to a significant increase in sales and leadership performance" 

Mark Bryce - Marketing Manager, AMEX, Australia

“Thank you for a great set of sessions earlier this week. You did a great job and the team really benefited from the workshop.”

Chris Mulligan - Partner and CEO of MineLens, McKinsey and Company

"In my personal coaching sessions with Mark over 6 months, he provided not only insightful, practical and effective mentoring but more importantly a consistent level of energy, care, insightfulness and diligence that is unique in my 20 years of experience.

Mark is a gifted, unique and highly valuable individual"

Justin Shardey - Senior Manager, KPMG

“Mark is likable, lively and knowledgeable. More importantly, his workshops will leave you equipped to exploit capabilities you never knew you had!

I hired Mark to train my team of developers/analysts and the results were genuine, lasting and tangible.

I'd say we comfortably recouped our investment in Mark's training within a couple of weeks" 

Adrian Griffith - Director, Oval Business Solutions, UK

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Can anyone learn to sell?


Can anyone learn to sell?

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