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Get 'Engineers Can Sell' in exchange for feedback

You'll be reading this if you've heard directly from me via my mailing list. Naturally, I have limited spaces for the right people to use my platform at no charge in exchange for feedback.

Here’s who I’m looking for:

If you’re an individual who wants to learn to sell, and you’re serious about making use of it over 3 months access, and giving me 20 minutes of feedback over the phone (or screen), I’m interested to hear from you. (Form below.)

But I’m really keen to find businesses who have a small team of customer-facing engineers who’d like to use it…

If you are serious about improving sales performance across your team (of 2 or more people), and you think they’d be interested to use the resource over 3 months and give me 20 minutes over the phone (+ a few questions that I email along the way), then I’m keen to hear from you.

Far more than just e-learning

You should keep in mind that this is way more than an e-course. I’m offering - for free - to speak to your team and diagnose their challenges. Just like I do with paying clients.

Then I'll prescribe which online modules they’d need and arrange them into an online ‘learning path’. It’s a series of links to the modules that tackle your direct challenges. But don’t forget - they also have full access to all the modules on the platform so that they can diagnose themselves and go direct to any content that might help.

Between modules on this ‘learning path’ I provide group discussions and exercises that they should do together to help explore and implement what’s been learned.

It’s a blended learning approach. It’s a face to face approach that you drive internally using my online guidance. It’s online learning that you do together.

I’m essentially giving away (for feedback) an entire sales for engineers training programme, that works more efficiently than any other, including access to me over phone or email.

If you are considering training up your engineers to sell, I’m confident you’ll be very happy with this.

What I need to make clear is that this resource is 80% built - it’s thorough, with a few more modules outstanding. I’ve created modules for just about every sales challenge an engineer might face. And got them down to mostly 5 minute videos. Some modules are a little longer. But the goal was to give the user just what they need at the time they need it.

It’s focused less on theory, and aimed to help people apply quickly.

So that they’re thinking, saying and doing the right things in the right ways at the right times. Your customers will love it.

If you are interested to team up with me - you’ll get free training that I usually charge clients in the ££ thousands for, and your feedback will help me improve it so it fits, and maybe even write me a glowing testimonial if you’re happy to and you think it deserves it.

How to Get it

So, the call to action, just take a few minutes to fill out this form. Then I’ll get in touch. I’m looking for people who I think will put the effort in to add value to me. Not just anyone who wants free training. I’m sure that makes sense to you.

Access the form here.

If you want more info on the platform, that's here.


PS If you know of anyone suitable for this, please forward on. They might not be on my list, and as you can see, I’m trying to find those who might be trying to find me.

The Platform Includes

  • What sales engineers must know about business
  • How to spot and create opportunities
  • How to develop the best mindset for selling as an engineer
  • How to plan for and hold value-building conversations
  • How to negotiate
  • How to cut through discomfort
  • How to find the buyers who'll say 'yes'
  • How to build an opportunity radar
  • How to reach out and craft messages that get a 'yes'
  • The 4 types of sales engineer
  • How to handle objections
  • How to talk money and price
  • How to continuously build value for the customer
  • How to follow up respectfully
  • The 6 drivers of value
  • How to build rapport
  • What questions to ask and how and when to ask them
  • Conversational skills - how to comfortably say or ask anything
  • The art of introducing yourself
  • How to show you're listening and understand
  • How to sell as an introvert
  • How to sell to intelligent people
  • How to find the customer's biggest buying driver`
  • How to ask for the business
  • How to develop influence, ethically
  • Making the internal sale
  • Things you should and shouldn't say
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